Derek Jeter Retires

Let me start by saying that I despise the New York Yankees. On principle, I loathe teams that try to buy (or succeed at buying) championships.

That said, Derek Jeter is one of the few recent Yankees whom I respect, primarily for the way he approached the game of baseball and the fact that he has played his ENTIRE career with one team. I’m kinda “old school” like that.

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Happy 50th Anniversary Doctor Who!!!

50 years ago today (November 23, 1963), a cultural phenomenon debuted. While Americans were grieving the loss of one of America’s most beloved Presidents, our neighbors across The Pond in Britain were seeing for the first time, what would become one of the greatest science fiction television series of all-time: Doctor Who.

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gods at war – Chapter 5 – the god of food

Yesterday, I looked at chapter 4 of Kyle Idleman’s book gods at war. Chapter 4 was all about making a choice about which god would rule your heart. It also concluded part 1 of the book – which I see as the introduction and definition of the problem.

Before I get into part 2 and chapter 5, I noticed a line from chapter 4 that stood out to me that I didn’t mention yesterday. Idleman says this, referring the Joshua’s speech to the Israelites in Joshua 24, “So even if you’ve chosen the Lord God in the past, the challenge of Joshua is to choose this day whom you will serve.” Each day is a new day with Jesus. The book of Lamentations says His lovingkindness and compassion are new every morning. This also means that we have a new chance and a fresh start every morning to choose whom we will serve and which god we will let sit on the throne of our heart.

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gods at war – Chapter 3 – a jealous god

Welcome back to my series on reviewing Kyle Idleman’s book gods at war.

Today, we’re looking at chapter 3 titled a jealous god. That sounds odd doesn’t it? The One True God jealous? That doesn’t seem like a character trait most people would associate with a loving, benevolent God, does it? Well, on the surface, that seems reasonable to think. However, when we look deeper at what it means to be jealous, we start to understand.

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