2018 Year in Review Part II

As promised, here’s part in my 2018 year in review series.


  • The Cardinals fired Mike Matheny after missing the post season in 2016 and 2017, and looking like the same was going to happen in 2018. His replacement, Mike Schildt, got the team turned around and playing better, but the hole was already too deep causing them to miss the post season for the 3rd straight year.

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2018 Year in Review Part I

With the start of 2019 in full swing, I thought I’d look back at my 2018 highlights month-by-month. This is part 1 in a 2 part series of my personal year in review for 2018


  • Frasca International (my employer) celebrated their 60th year in business. 🙂
  • Frasca began work in earnest ahead of being awarded (hopefully) a large contract with the US Navy. (See below for how that turned out.)
  • Frasca began developing a new low-end, cost-effective product line targeted at universities and flight schools with limited budgets.
  • Frasca endured layoffs as a result of 2 years of reduced backlog and significant work not picking up until later in 2018. My department lost 2 people. On a positive note, both guys got new jobs in fairly short order and are doing well.
  • I continued to be involved in my church’s prophetic encouragement ministry and learning how to better hear from God for myself and for others.

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When God Shows Up At Work

I know God never intended for my life to be compartmentalized. However, the reality is that more often than not my life tends towards just that. Work life and spiritual life: important, but separate. Every now and then, an opportunity arises for me to live in the overlap. One such opportunity happened a couple of weeks ago.

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Does God Care About Fantasy Football?

Does God care about fantasy football? That’s a very interesting question.

I believe that God cares about me. As a result of that, I believe that God cares about what I care about. The caveat, of course, being that God will not partner with me in my sin.

So, in that sense, God cares about fantasy football because I care about fantasy football.


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2018 Fantasy Football | Draft #3

Here is the last of my 3 fantasy football drafts for 2018.

This league, the Frasca Cheap Skate Fantasy Football League (FCSFL), has been around since 1999. It is a 12 team league made up of people who work at Frasca International. It is close to a “standard” PPR scoring league with bonuses for long TDs.

While I enjoy all 3 leagues that I am in, this is my favorite primarily because I see everyone in this league almost every day at work.

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