When God Shows Up At Work

I know God never intended for my life to be compartmentalized. However, the reality is that more often than not my life tends towards just that. Work life and spiritual life: important, but separate. Every now and then, an opportunity arises for me to live in the overlap. One such opportunity happened a couple of weeks ago.

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Does God Care About Fantasy Football?

Does God care about fantasy football? That’s a very interesting question.

I believe that God cares about me. As a result of that, I believe that God cares about what I care about. The caveat, of course, being that God will not partner with me in my sin.

So, in that sense, God cares about fantasy football because I care about fantasy football.


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It Sucks and It Hurts

(From May 2, 2018)

God is good.

God still heals today.

The enemy is real. He still works his evil schemes throughout the Earth.

Sometimes people get sick. Cancer and other life-ending diseases run rampant across our world.

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Terror attacks, heinous shootings, and tragic accidents take the lives of people we know and love.

Sometimes we pray for people with terminal illnesses and they still die.

It sucks and it hurts.

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