Derek Jeter Retires

Let me start by saying that I despise the New York Yankees. On principle, I loathe teams that try to buy (or succeed at buying) championships.

That said, Derek Jeter is one of the few recent Yankees whom I respect, primarily for the way he approached the game of baseball and the fact that he has played his ENTIRE career with one team. I’m kinda “old school” like that.

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My Top Ten Cardinals of All-Time:#6 Albert Pujols

#6. Albert Pujols
#7. Joe Medwick
#8. Jim Bottomley
#9. Enos Slaughter
#10. Ken Boyer

No links, no pictures, no stats, no witty anecdotes.

Falling from #3/#4 (I was still undecided) down to #6 on my list of all-time Cardinals is former 1B Albert Pujols. For those of you who have been following my list, that bumps Ozzie Smith up to #5.

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