Today was a long day at work – not a bad one, just busy and long. When 5:30pm rolled around, I was wiped out and ready to go home. However, it was Monday, which means Go-to-the-gym-Monday. But I was tired and had zero energy for the gym tonight.

As I exited the building at Frasca and walked towards my car, I heard The Voice say, “It’s Monday. Time for the gym.”


“I’m tired, so I’ll just go tomorrow,” I said in protest.

“C’mon, just 20 minutes since you’re tired,” The Voice responded.

The Voice was the Holy Spirit speaking to me. And now, I’ve got a choice: go to the gym or go home. Obey the Holy Spirit or not.

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2019 Year in Review

As I reflect back on 2019, I do so with a mixed set of emotions. For me, 2019 ushered in a season of change, and not all of it good. Join me as I look back on the year that was 2019.


It all began in January with a colonoscopy. With a family history of colon cancer, I hit the age where it was time. In hindsight (pun intended), the procedure wasn’t bad at all. The prep, on the other hand, was a different story. Good news, though, everything looked good.

Little did I know what awaited me later in the year.

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Have Your Way

I am blessed to attend the Vineyard Church of Central Illinois. They are an amazing bunch of people who love Jesus and love others. (Come visit us on Saturday night or Sunday morning. Get more info at https://www.thevineyardchurch.us)

One of our church’s biggest blessings is our worship team. Consistently, week-in-and-week-out, these men and women lead us into the throne room of our King, Jesus, to praise, worship, and adore Him.

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