Today was a long day at work – not a bad one, just busy and long. When 5:30pm rolled around, I was wiped out and ready to go home. However, it was Monday, which means Go-to-the-gym-Monday. But I was tired and had zero energy for the gym tonight.

As I exited the building at Frasca and walked towards my car, I heard The Voice say, “It’s Monday. Time for the gym.”


“I’m tired, so I’ll just go tomorrow,” I said in protest.

“C’mon, just 20 minutes since you’re tired,” The Voice responded.

The Voice was the Holy Spirit speaking to me. And now, I’ve got a choice: go to the gym or go home. Obey the Holy Spirit or not.

Reluctantly, I agreed to obey.

As I approached the gym, I noticed that the parking lot was pretty full – as it usually is. I saw a way out. “Ok, God, if You REALLY want me to go to the gym tonight, You’ll have to give me a parking spot,” I said somewhat full of myself.

I drove up the 1st row. All full. I’m getting excited and starting to look forward to going home. Then, I saw it: the empty spot at the end of the row closest to the door. My heart sank for a moment. Then, I noticed the handicap sign. YES!!! I can’t park there. Woo hoo!!!

As I turned the aisle to go down the other row and head towards the exit, I saw the open spot, 2 spots from the end, with no handicap sign. “Fine, God. You win. I’ll go ride for 20 minutes.”

Here’s the deal though. I knew I would be riding for more than 20 minutes. I just knew it.

I started with 15 minutes on the stationary bike until by butt hurt from the uncomfortable seat.

Then I found myself headed to the infinity ropes where I did 4 one-minute sets starting at difficulty 3 (out of 7) and progressing up to 6.

With my arms feeling like jello, instead of leaving, I went back to the stationary bike for 17 more minutes before calling it a night and heading home.


It’s all about obedience. This past weekend, one of our founding pastors, Happy Leman, spoke on this very topic. You can listen to that message titled Obeying Jesus here.

Little did I know, I would get an opportunity to apply that message so soon. I can honestly say that I felt great after working out. Exhausted, but great.

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