For a long time, I’ve heard of people asking God to give them a word or a theme for the year ahead. After a pretty cruddy 2019, I thought I’d give it a try and see what Papa God has in store for me for 2020.

To be completely honest, I was surprised at the response I got.


Given that 2019 brought an end to a lot of things for me, I went into my time with God expecting something along the lines of “fresh start” or “new beginnings” or “do over” or some other similarly phrased concept. That is not at all what I got.

The word I strongly sensed Papa God speak to me was MORE.

What?!?!? More? More what? More pain? More disappointment? More heartache? More emotional trauma? More sadness? More tears? More difficulties? More being alone? That’s what 2019 brought me. I didn’t want any more of that.

After my initial reaction, I took a deep breath, and responded to Papa God, “What do You mean by ‘more’?” And like a loving, faithful Father, He answered in a kind and gentle way. He knew my heart, and clarified what “more” meant.

He said that the “fresh start” or “new beginning” or “do over” that I was seeking in 2020 had in fact started last fall and had continued on through the end of 2019 culminating in the divorce finalizing in December.

He said that 2020 will be the continuation of what He has already started in 2019. And it will look like this:

  • More healing
  • More growth
  • More belonging
  • More understanding of your [Steve’s] identity as My [Papa God’s] son
  • More stepping into your [Steve’s] destiny
  • More opportunities to serve Me [Papa God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit]
  • More intimacy with Me [Papa God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit] especially through worship
  • More life
  • More forgiveness
  • More deeper relationships
  • More openness
  • More vulnerability
  • More hearing from Me [Papa God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit]
  • More prophetic words for people
  • More financial breakthroughs
  • More love
  • More hope
  • More joy
  • More peace
  • More freedom

    Papa God then finished with an exclamation point by reminding me this:

    I WILL finish what I started.
    I WILL NEVER leave nor forsake you.

    Papa God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, I receive it. May it be in my life as You have said.

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