Have Your Way

I am blessed to attend the Vineyard Church of Central Illinois. They are an amazing bunch of people who love Jesus and love others. (Come visit us on Saturday night or Sunday morning. Get more info at https://www.thevineyardchurch.us)

One of our church’s biggest blessings is our worship team. Consistently, week-in-and-week-out, these men and women lead us into the throne room of our King, Jesus, to praise, worship, and adore Him.

Over the past several years, God has blessed our congregation by birthing new, original songs through this team. One such song, Have Your Way, has had a tremendous impact on me.


Written by two of our worship leaders, Daniel Goulet and Joanna Machen (pictured above), this song is an anthem of surrender to God.

I’ve been going through a very difficult season of my life over the past nine months, and this song has been instrumental in drawing me back to Jesus when my circumstances have sought to mire me in despair.

It’s an acknowledgement to God that no matter what I’m going through, no matter what I’m feeling, no matter how dark it seems,
that I trust YOU, God…
that my hope is in YOU, God…
that YOU, God, are the source of my identity…
that YOU, God, are the one who rescues and saves me.

And my response is and always should be surrender.

“Have Your way in me, God. Have Your way in me.”

Draw me close
Draw me near
To a place
Where I only hear
Your tender voice
Who I am
Who I’m made to be

Have your way in me God
Have your way in me
Have your way in me God
Have your way in me

You’re the one I trust
The one I seek
You’re where I find
My identity
You are my hope
You’re Jesus Christ
The one who saved me

Have your way in me God
Have your way in me
Have your way in me God
Have your way in me

You are my way
My truth my life
Have your way

Have Your Way can be found on the album Bring Your Kingdom which can be purchased on iTunes or on Amazon.com

You can also listen to it here on Vineyard Live.

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