Challenge to Write

I like writing. I hate writing. I should write. I don’t want to write. I need to write. Writing is easy. Writing is hard. I don’t know what to write. Nobody reads what I write. I ramble too much. See what I mean?

So… here we are:
* A blogger (if I can even call myself that) who inconsistently and unfaithfully writes
* A blogger who struggles with what to write about
* A blogger who has been repeatedly nudged recently by the Holy Spirit to write

What’s a fella to do?

Obey. Trust. Write.

This post serves as the umpteenth reboot of my blog. Venture back into the archives to see all of the past reboots if you are so inclined. Sorry, I’m too lazy to link them for you.

Eight years ago, my friend and co-worker, Becky, died of cancer. She was an amazing woman who loved and served God with all of her heart. She had a great husband, who was a good friend, and four adult children. I prayed more fervently for her than I had for anyone in my life. I invited her to my church to get prayer after service. I went over to her house and prayed for her on a couple of occasions. I interceded for her daily in my private prayer times. I had faith for her healing. And yet despite all of this, Becky died, and I went into a faith tail spin that lasted for nearly eight years.

I was reminded of this journey earlier today as I read my homework for School of Kingdom Ministry. The reading covered the topic of Kingdom Theology, and the part that brought me back to this moment (and that provides a synopsis of where my faith journey has gone) was this:

If God is all-powerful and good, why do bad things happen? How you answer this question makes all the difference in the world. Essentially to answer the question you have to end with one of two bottom lines: either you make God’s goodness complicated or you make His sovereignty complicated

(SoKM Student Manual, Putty Putman, p 25-26)

Putty goes on to unpack this much further regarding what it means to make both God’s goodness complicated and His sovereignty complicated. This sums up his conclusions, which are what really impacted me.

It [God’s sovereignty] means that no situation is so bad that God cannot turn it around. God can win any hand dealt to Him. … The circumstances that we’re in can never trump God. He did not put them there, but He can beat them every time.

(SoKM Student Manual, Putty Putman, p 31)

As I go through my life, I need to be reminded of this daily. My relationships, my work, my friend’s life circumstances, none of these can ever trump God. He will beat, overcome, conquer them each and every single time. Period. That doesn’t mean an absence of pain, but it does mean joy and sorrow intermingled. It means peace and calm in the middle of the storm. It means hope when it feels hopeless.

THAT, my friends, is Good News.

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