So Long Chicago Bears

(From May 2, 2017)

As most of you know, I grew up in the St. Louis area. I consider St. Louis to be my “hometown”, and as such, I root for the St. Louis professional sports teams, albeit some more vigorously than others.

Last year marked the first time since 1994 that St. Louis was without an NFL team, which meant I had to find another team to support and call “my own”. Since Champaign is firmly entrenched in Chicago Bear country, it only made sense that I throw my support to Da Bears.

Da Bears


I spent all of the last season struggling with watching Da Bears. Poor play. Poor coaching. Poor management. I found myself unable to get emotionally invested in Da Bears. I wanted to. I really did. I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart towards the ’85 Super Bowl champs: Ditka, Sweetness, The Frig, Singletary, and the rest of the Super Bowl Shuffle crew.

Yet, I couldn’t.

I figured I had a 1-year grace period which allowed me to change my mind, so I decided to exercise my opt-out clause and go a different direction and find another team to root for.

I wanted a team that was committed to putting a competitive team on the field, a team that had a history of winning, and a team with a front office that knew how to run an organization. I also wanted a team that was not too far away.

The choice was easy. There was really only one team.

Go Pack Go!!!

Go Pack Go!!!

Discount Double Check!!!

Aaron Rodgers


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