Phase 1 Ends, Phase 2 Begins

12 weeks ago, I began a journey that has been a long-time coming. For all of my life, I have been overweight. I have been told time and again by doctors that I needed to lose weight. Yet, I ignored them because I didn’t want to give up the food that I enjoyed eating.

After a number of life circumstances, not the least of which was a diabetes diagnosis a year ago, I decided it was time to get serious about losing weight. It began at work.

In October, a group of people at Frasca International began a weight loss competition a la Biggest Loser. I was signed up by one of my co-workers who wouldn’t “let” me back out.

Looking back at Frasca’s previous Biggest Loser competitions, I knew I probably wouldn’t win since past winners lost around 20%. That meant I had to drop 85 pounds in 12 weeks. Not gonna happen. But, I wasn’t doing this for the money or the competition. I was doing it to jump start me into getting healthy.

I started this journey at 425 pounds with a goal of getting down to 250 by the start of 2016 (or 15 months).

12 weeks later, I’m at 360 pounds, down 65 pounds or 15.3% – which by the way was good enough for 2nd place in Frasca’s Biggest Loser competition. (I missed 1st place by only 2 pounds.)

I will be the first to say that the success that I’ve seen is all a result of God at work in me. He has given me the ability to choose to eat right. He has taken away the hunger and desire to eat out of boredom. He has eliminated the strong desires for most of my culinary guilty pleasures like pizza, frozen mochas, and sweets. There is absolutely NO WAY that I would have been able to do what I’ve done on my own strength. God has also put a lot of people from all areas of my life (home, work, church) to encourage and support me.

With the Frasca Biggest Loser competition over, I move on to the next phase of my weight loss. It won’t really mean any major changes to what I’ve been doing. There just won’t be the same work camaraderie that has been there the past 12 weeks – although I know I’ll still maintain some of my biggest supporters from work.

Thank you to everyone who has encouraged and supported me these past 12 weeks. We’re just getting started.

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