2010 Cards Home Opener

Monday, April 12 was the Home Opener for the 2010 St. Cardinals. I wasn’t there. 😦

But IF I was, I’m sure I would have enjoyed all of the pomp and pageantry that is Opening Day in baseball.

I ran across two things in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch website. The first is the picture below:
Cardinal Hall of Famers

This is ALL of the living Cardinal Hall of Famers. In case you don’t recognize them (and shame on you if you don’t 🙂 ), they are (left to right): pitcher Bob Gibson, pitcher Bruce Sutter, outfielder Lou Brock, second baseman Red Schoendienst (behind Whitey Herzog’s arm), shortstop Ozzie Smith, manager Whitey Herzog, and outfielder Stan “The Man” Musial.

The second is a comment made by a reader of the Post-Dispatch on what the “Cardinal Way” means. I think this poster hits the nail on the head of what it means.

[As a player] It means playing every game like it is your first and your last. It means hustle, effort, sweat, dirt, play to the max, while being a gentleman of the game, understanding the game and the fans, conducting oneself by a set of rules on and off the field that others may not, yet knowing that you get a second chance if you do screw up. It means strong negotiation on the contract and then producing your best to live up to it. It means respect for those that come before you and leaving a legacy for those that follow in your footsteps, no matter your tenure. It means not whining about playing time, at-bats, personal stats, or putting oneself ahead of the team.

[As a fan] It means rooting for the Cardinals through thick and thin, including the manager and front office. It means understanding what they are trying to do even though I may not personally agree. It means going to the game and behaving like a civilized human being, not getting drunk and acting the fool. It means showing respect to the other teams and their fans. It means that I appreciate the players, old and new and the effort they give, win or lose. It means knowing the game and never giving up hope for a win.

That pretty much sums it up. THAT’S why the Cardinals and the Cardinal fans are THE BEST IN BASEBALL !!!


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