England – April 2008 – Never Blindly Trust Your GPS

I finished up early on the job site, so we decided to go to northern Wales on Thursday afternoon. Our rental car had a GPS in it, so we punched in Caernarfon (pronounced cuh-NAR-vun) Castle and away we went. I briefly looked at the road atlas and thought we would take the “highway” due north, then cut over and take another “highway” heading due west. This seemed to be the quickest and easiest from the map.

Well, after seeing a lot of winding, narrow roads (moreso than typical England), we see this sign…

Then the windingness and narrowness gets worse. Long story, short, the GPS did NOT take us due north then due west, it took us on a bee-line directly northwest – when meant directly through Snowdonia National Park – which is very mountainous.

The bad news was that the driving was white-knuckle all through the narrow mountain roads.

The good news was that we saw stuff like this…



It didn’t feel like it at the time, but in retrospect, it was DEFINITELY worth it.


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