WFL 2008 – My Team

The is my 3rd of 3 fantasy football teams. Like my last draft, this league is also scoring only: 10 pts for a TD, 20 pts for a long TD (50+ yds). FG are 5 pts for 0-39 yds, 10 pts for 40-49 yds, 15 pts for 50-59 yds, and 20 pts for those rare 60+ yds. KR/DEF are 20 pts for TD (KR, PR, int, or fumble recovery) and 5 pts for safety.

Here’s my team:
Campbell, Jason WAS QB
Kitna, Jon DET QB
Palmer, Carson CIN QB
James, Edgerrin ARI RB
McFadden, Darren OAK RB
Peterson, Adrian MIN RB
Rice, Ray BAL RB
Williams, Ricky MIA RB
Bowe, Dwayne KCC WR
Bruce, Isaac SFO WR
Holt, Torry STL WR
Houshmandzadeh, T.J. CIN WR
Marshall, Brandon DEN WR
Williams, Roy DET WR
Bryant, Matt TBB PK
Scobee, Josh JAC PK
Steelers, Pittsburgh PIT Def
Texans, Houston HOU Def

Brandon Marshall DEN WR is my only common player. This draft was the strangest of them all. I had the 9th overall pick (out of 10). Adrian Peterson MIN RB slipped all the way down to me in the 1st round. Then in the 2nd round (where I got a double pick), I took a bit of a risk and took Carson Palmer CIN QB and TJ Houshmanzadeh CIN WR. If CIN gets back on track, this could be an OUTSTANDING team. If not, then I wasted my 2nd round picks.

I’ve got a decent backup QB in Jon Kitna. I’m pretty solid at RB and at WR. Again, I waited on PK and DEF to near the end. They’re ok, but not necessarily outstanding.

One thought on “WFL 2008 – My Team

  1. Parvinator

    I wasted my 2 2nd round picks. This team was a total disaster and a bust. I finished DEAD LAST. I had 1 weekly 2nd place finish, 2 weekly 3rd place finishes, and 1 weekly 3rd place TIE. At least I get the #1 pick next year.


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